Septic Tank Outlet Filter

The septic tank filter comprises of a PVC sleeve containing a cartridge with tiny slits which prevents solids from leaving the tank. The filter is easy to install or retrofit. It fits inside any 4″ sanitary T pipe. Slide the filter cartridge into the filter sleeve. Slide the assembled cartridge and sleeve into the sanitary T at the tanks outlet. Ensure the sleeve latch is pointing toward the outlet of the septic tank before filter placement into the T. Your percolation area is now protected from solids greater than 2mm.

The filter is easy to maintain. Rotate the cartridge anticlockwise and remove. The sleeve should remain in the T while cleaning the cartridge. To clean, hold cartridge over the septic tank opening and rinse with hose until clean. The sleeve should be hosed down inside & out. Reinsert the cartridge and turn it clockwise in the sleeve, locking it in place. The filter should be cleaned each time you empty the tank & when necessary.

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