Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Kielys Manufacture a large range of rainwater harvesting systems for Domestic, Commercial Agricultural and Industrial applications. Typically for a domestic house 3-5 bedrooms our 7500 litre system is used however depending on the water requirements we have a range of sizes from 4000 up to 18000 litre capacity and larger if required.

A standard system comes complete with the following:

  • Tank with Leaf Filter

  • Overflow siphon with rodent trap

  • Pump with floating intake

  • Internal house Pressure switch/pump controller

  • Top up valve in tank( if required )

  • Delivery and placement in hole


1. Rainwater enters the tank in the leaf filter.
2. The water settles and through a floating intake in the tank the pump sends the water into the building when the low pressure signal is received from the pump controller switch in the house.
3. There is an overflow siphon on the outlet pipe to take the excess water and any floating debris away to the soak away
4. We recommend that in the house you install a small pressure vessel as a store of water this reduces the amount of starts the pump has to make throughout its life
5. We always recommend your plumber pipes the system so the tank can be bypassed in the event of power failure so toilets can still be used


The most common installation method is to pump the water up to a header tank in the attic. With this system when the ball cock drops in the header tank the pressure drops and calls the pump. The pump fills up the header tank and when the ballcock closes the pump stops. If the tank is low in water the pump controller cuts power to protect the pump and in the header tank your plumber will have mounted another ballcock at a lower level providing a mains supply to the header tank to top up the water supply until it rains again.


The other system is called Pressurised. This operates where the water flows directly from the pump thru the pump / pressure controller switch (and the optional pressure vessel) and then goes direct to the point of use in the dwelling.

When the water level in the tank is low in dry spells of weather a mains supply of water from the house is needed to a top up the water level within the tank. This mains top up water supply is connected to a top up water valve within the tank. This mains supply to the tank is connected at the time of installation.

Rainwater is clean and free so let’s use it! Just be careful as rainwater is for non-potable use only and not for drinking or personal hygiene ie, showers dishwasher taps etc.

We manufacture a range of tank sizes to accommodate all applications and Taylor make to suit your needs.

Forward your plans and your engineers specification to info@wmkiely.ie or call our design team on 021 4385872 and we will be happy to size your system and get you a quote .