Oil Interceptor /Separator Tank

Interceptors and Separators are used in many applications e.g. car parks, petrol stations, breakers yards etc. basically anywhere there is a possibility of oil spillages contaminating ground water. Depending on the pollution risk and the disposal method your engineer will specify which type of interceptor you need.

All our interceptors are in compliance with EN 868-1 Oil Separators.

The main types are:

  • Full Retention

  • By Pass

  • Forecourt

  • Multichamber tanks

There are 2 classes of filtration: Class 1 & Class 2

  1. The Class 1 coalescent filter reduces the hydrocarbon outflow down to a maximum of 5 mg/l.
  2. The Class 2 coalescent filter reduces the hydrocarbon outflow down to a maximum of 100 mg/l.

Both coalescent filters are complete with an automatic shut off valve which prevents oil from leaving the tank. We can also supply high level alarms/probes etc.

This interceptor will trap all oil that enters the tank. When the oil level reaches its maximum it triggers the automatic shut off valve which prevents any liquid leaving the tank. The tank must now be cleaned out by a certified contractor. The size of tank required depends on the size of the drainage area and the final destination of the outflow.

This interceptor is designed to trap all of the oil that enters the tank however when the water flow intensives above a certain level the water is allowed to bypass out while retaining the oil within the tank eliminating the risk of pollution.

This interceptor is used where large compartments of oil / fuel are stored on site (loading and unloading at petrol forecourts for example). This tank has the capacity to store the entire oil volume of a typical delivery truck compartment (7600 litres). In the unlikely event of a major spillage when the oil level has reached its max capacity the auto shut off valve prevents any oil from leaving the tank and now the tank needs to be emptied by a certified contractor.

We also carry a range of 2, 3, and 4 stage compartment tanks used for grey water, silt, power washing areas and grease separation
We at kielys manufacture a range of tank sizes to accommodate all applications and taylor make to suit your needs.

Forward your plans and your engineers specification to info@wmkiely.ie or call our design team on 021 4385872 and we will be happy to size your system and get you a quote .