700 Litre Grease Trap

  • Large Capacity Domestic Grease Trap

  • Baffle wall aids grease/silt retention

  • Traps grease to prevent blockages in sewer pipes

  • Also traps silt from washing machine

Household wastewater contains grease, silt & chemicals which can have a negative effect on your septic tank/BioKast system. We highly recommend the installation of a grease trap to ensure long-term trouble free operation of your septic tank/BioKast system.

Our grease trap is designed to take wastewater from the kitchen sink, dishwasher & washing machine. As grease cools it hardens and lodges in the sewer pipes so it is essential to locate the grease trap near the house in order to trap grease while it is still in liquid form.

Excavation Dimensions:

Dig 1500mm (5′) x 1500mm (5′) and 630 mm (25″) depth below the bottom of the inlet pipe.

Grease Trap Flow

When wastewater enters the grease trap fats float to the surface and silt settles to the bottom. The dividing wall traps most of the grease and silt in the first chamber. The ‘T’ pipe will prevent remaining grease in the second chamber from flowing out. Because the grease trap allows for settlement of the wastewater it also reduces the amount of chemicals going to your septic tank/BioKast thus improving the operation of your system and helps preventing odour problems.

To discuss the grease trap requirements of your property, get in contact with W & M Kiely Ltd. today.