1200 Litre Pump Chamber

  • Domestic Pump Chamber

  • Adjustable inlet window

  • Suitable for pumping to mains/raised percolation areas

  • 1150mm Diameter and 1680mm High

Our circular concrete pump chamber comes with an adjustable inlet window which enables you to tap out the inlet hole at the level required for your site. This is particularly useful when positioning the pump chamber after a septic tank as you can adjust the level of the inlet in order to bring the access cover to ground level for access to the pump.

The adjustable inlet window starts 520 mm (20″) up from the base and stops 1200mm (48″) up from the base. There is an outlet pipe on the opposite side of the tank it is 1300mm (51″) up from the base.

Excavation Dimensions:

Dig 1500mm (5“) x 1500mm (5“). The total depth is 1680mm (66″) but depth to dig depends on the level of your inlet pipe.

To discuss the pump chamber requirements of you domestic property, get in contact with W & M Kiely Ltd. today.